Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tranquility Base update

This blog was created back in November 2011.  I feel it really is time to start using it!

We are living near Westcliffe, Colorado temporarily while the earthbag house remains a work in progress. Our septic perc test failed.  There is not enough soil over bedrock.  Per code we need 8 feet but we only have 5 feet.  We checked on using a Watson Wick septic alternative here but found it was not feasible.  Colorado law does not allow a well when using an evapotranspiration septic alternative.  We are now having an engineered mound system plan drawn up before the building permit can be issued.

Meanwhile, we have contacted a local trucking company to haul 26 tons of scoria to Westcliffe.  I will then have the scoria delivered to the build site.  The actual building design is still in progress.

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