Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tranquility Base update

This blog was created back in November 2011.  I feel it really is time to start using it!

We are living near Westcliffe, Colorado temporarily while the earthbag house remains a work in progress. Our septic perc test failed.  There is not enough soil over bedrock.  Per code we need 8 feet but we only have 5 feet.  We checked on using a Watson Wick septic alternative here but found it was not feasible.  Colorado law does not allow a well when using an evapotranspiration septic alternative.  We are now having an engineered mound system plan drawn up before the building permit can be issued.

Meanwhile, we have contacted a local trucking company to haul 26 tons of scoria to Westcliffe.  I will then have the scoria delivered to the build site.  The actual building design is still in progress.

Colorado building codes for owner/builders.

Some finds that should help build structures in Colorado. This is for those counties that do not do permit inspections themselves. After spending too much time searching through the maze of web portals that is Colorados’ web presence I finally produced something of value. These provide an abstract of the code/practice expected when seeking a permit. - The code for the electrical permit is found under Homeowner Installations (NEC 2011)  - House wiring. - The code for the plumbing permit is found under "Guide for Plumbing and Gas Piping Installations".